Canal d’ amour in Sidari consists of a series of rocky formations that extend into the sea, creating some small bays that can be reached by alleyways and stairs. The rocks forming the Canal d ‘amour of Corfu, due to their fragile composition, allowed the passage of the sea where, along with the corrosive action of the wind, created them by digging the channel below.

Located on the north of the island near Sidari, about 32 kilometers (20 miles) from the main town and on the westernmost tip of the island’s northern shore, it is remarkable for its sculpted sandstone rocks which that rise up on either side, forming a natural fjord-like canal.The unique rock formations create numerous canals and coves which have been created by the corrosion of air and water. The natural beauty attracts many people from all the world.

Canal D’Amour comes from the ancient legend.According to local legend, couples who swim the length of the canal will stay in love forever, while those who swim to its furthest tip will find the love of their life. Many visitors, however, prefer to simply toss a coin into its waters and make a wish for true love.
A unique spot favored by tourists, celebrities and many film crews over the years, according to the locals, the Canal d’Amour also boasts detoxifying and healing properties. This is attributed to the rich deposits of clay that form in the sea as the rocks are weathered by the wind and saltwater, creating small lagoons and exquisite caves.Apart from Love and love, the Canal D’amour is now widely known for its detoxifying, beneficial, perhaps healing properties attributed to the large clay reserves of the Marine Area.

However the Canal D’amour, it is a living painting of unparalleled beauty and is one of the most popular destinations of Corfu since the ‘ 60s. Every year it is honored with the Blue Flag, and is suitable for diving and various water sports.



Κανάλι της Αγάπης, Σιδάρι, Κερκυρα


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