Metropolitan church of Aghia Theodora and Agios Vlasios

Metropolitan Church of Saint Theodora and Saint Vlasios. It is located at 1 Mitropoleos Street. This church was established as Protopapadian on 22 October 1712 and was designated as Metropolitan in 1841 as the Metropolitan Church of Y. Theotokos Spileotissis and Agios Vlasios, the and until today Metropolitan.

The Metropolitan Church of Corfu dedicated to Y.I. Speleotissa and Saints Vlasios and Theodora. Within the Holy Church is the intact and indestructible relic of Saint Theodora the August wife of Theophilus, the Anastylosasis the icons. The Church celebrates on August 15 and February 11 in honor of the two Saints where watermelon is shared in memory of a miracle of Saint Vlasios.

Initially there was a church of St. Vlasios and the Union took place in 1577, at the expense of nobles and wealthy Corfiots. It is reported that the name of the Theotokos “Spileotissa” came from a cave adjacent to the area, from which the wider area, “Spilia”, took the name. Smaller in size the church, limited to the area of the middle aisle, was expanded with a renovation that took place in the year 1913, when the walls that separated additions of exonarthex were demolished. With the establishment of the Temple of Y. I. Speleotissa and St. Vlasios as a cathedral were transferred to him from the Church of Archangel Michael, the venerable icon of Y. Theotokos of Publican. At the same time, the holy relic of Saint Theodora of Augusta, Empress of Byzantium, was transferred from the same church, who restored the icons after the end of the iconoclasm. The holy relic of Saint Theodora was transferred to Corfu by the priest Gregory Polyeuctus in the year 1456 along with the holy relic of Saint Spyridon.

The relic of Saint Theodora is litanized after the decision of the late Metropolitan Timothy on the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

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