Achilleon Diving Center – Paleokastritsa, Corfu

Scuba diving in Corfu island, Paleokastritsa or Messoghi with Achilleon diving center. Dive in Corfu, at this magnificent, island of Greece that combines sunshine beauties and luxurious places together.

Achilleon Diving Center in Paleokastritsa in the north-west part of the island.

Opened since 2001, our diving center is an ideal place to restore your peace of mind and focus on diving. Certified divers can choose from amongst 24 excellent dive sites. Paleokastritsa is the most beautiful and famous area in Corfu for scuba diving. Situated on the West coast the area is full of spectacular caverns and caves, interesting shipwrecks, walls and reefs, where certified divers can find barracudas, groupers, jacks, moray eels, common dentex, several types of sea bream, crayfish, octopus, nudibranch, cuttle fish, squid and a lot of other kinds of fish and invertebrates. Beginners can try the Discover Scuba Diving and experience breathing underwater and for those who want to learn scuba diving they can join us on a course. We do not forget those who want to stay on the surface so snorkeling tours start everyday.

Achilleon Diving Center in Messonghi, the south of Corfu

Opened since 2011 an ideal place for beginners (Discover Scuba Diving) & courses as it is a part of Natura 2000 an ecological network of protected areas, set up to ensure the survival of Europe’s most valuable species and habitats. Certified divers are transferred everyday from Messonghi to Paleokastritsa to join our diving trips and dive these spectacular dive sites.

The achilleon diving center is divided into two branches, the Achilleon diving center in Ermones Bay in the middle of the West Coast of Corfu and the Achilleon diving center in Paleokastritsa in the northwestern part of the island. Our Diving Center is an ideal place to restore your peace of mind and focus on diving. The diver can visit many underwater caves and dreamy diving sites, with the constant presence of many fish (some of them very large), such as Barracudas, lobsters, fishermen, murenas, sea enemies, etc.

For those who are not divers, just keep in mind that scuba diving is probably the best marine activity a person can do on vacation. The diving school gives us Padi certifications up to the level of DIVE MASTER. At Achilleon diving centre you can complete PADI’s Open Water Diver Course in just three days. We suggest you prefer the Achilles Diving Center for your diving holidays because on the west side of the island there are more than 18 excellent diving spots and waters with high visibility (>20m).

The Caves.Only 5 to 20 minutes away from our dive center you can find the most beautiful dive sites of Greece.
Amazing landscapes such as reef, cliffs, arches canyons, caverns and caves offer new perspectives.
The underwater world is full of life. The underwater life depends on the season.
Water temperature is between 17οC-25οC depending on the wind direction.
The crystal clear water and the visibility up to 30 meters makes the diving unique.

Attached to Colovri are 2 outer reefs. Starting the dive from the main reef Colovri you swim along the two reefs which drop down to 120 meter. During the dive you are surrounded by numerous barracudas, groupers and a lot of other fish! The interesting formation of the rocks and the numerous barracudas, groupers and a lot of other fish make this dive unforgettable. For the more advanced divers, this dive site offers an opportunity to go deeper, down to 40m, there is a plateau covered in stunning soft coral where huge fish swim around.Paleokastritsa

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